Local Venison

Local Venison is a win win

There is no doubt it’s a great experience to see any wild and rare animal, however, as with many introduced species, such as like Grey Squirrels or Signal Cray Fish, they have a negative impact on native flora and fauna. Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer have no natural predators and can produce young year-round, therefore, the numbers are growing exponentially. The biggest impact is on trees and undergrowth and with high levels of tree planting happening throughout the ridgeway, deer poulations need to be culled to manage them and keep them in check.

Ridgeway Venison is ethically harvested by highly skilled stalkers, working in conjunction with a number of landowners. The overall aim is deer management; however, this creates an unquestionably delicious by-product which must be used to be respected. We believe in nose-to-tail utilisation of our deer carcasses and every part of the animal is used, from the prime loins and haunches to the other parts of the animal as sausages and burgers.