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What We Harvest

Grass Fed Lamb

Our rare breed Hebridean flock have lambs every Spring and we slowly mature them for 18 months.

Woodland Pork

Our pigs are finished outdoors in woodland on a mix of high-quality feed and forage such as acorns and crab apples.

Local Venison

Working with other local landowners we harvest Chinese Water Deer, this venison is sweeter and less gamey than that of native species

Natural Honey

Our bees work undisturbed and collect pollen from our trees and those in the adjacent RSPB nature reserve.

Felted Fleeces

We are working with a local felter, and one in Scotland, to produce luxurious felted rugs from the raw fleeces we harvest every May.

Free-Range Chicken

Our totally free-range birds are plump, succulent and with natural flavour owing to their natural diet.
All natural

Local Produce

Why does our produce taste so good?

Every product that comes from Cottage Farm follows our philosophy of quality over quantity. At cottage farm, we don’t rush anything and there’s no intensive feeding or indoor forced rearing. All our produce is grown outside on the annual cycle that nature intended, this does raise the odd challenge for us because, if we get something wrong, it takes a whole year to put it right – but that’s just the challenge farmers have faced for eternity!

The one thing we can’t change at Cottage Farm is our soil and as we are located in Sandy and live on the Greensand Ridge it’s not a surprise that our soil is dominated by a high percentage of sand, which as any gardener knows presents challenges. To combat the nutrient-poor soil, we have overseeded with grasses and herbs which thrive on our type of land. This approach allows us to ensure our meats are grass-fed and live outdoors for their whole lives and this ensures a flavoursome relatively low fat product.

Finally, our belief in nose-to-tail butchery means that we only work with the best local butchers. This ensures any meat we sell has never travelled more than a few, stress free, miles to your doorstep and is one of the best examples of farm-to-fork food supply. Our belief in taking time to get things right manifests itself throughout the butchery process and if our meat needs to be dry-aged before it leaves our farm, then we’ll wait that little bit longer to ensure a fantastic experience for our customers.

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