Why our Meat is tastier?

The meat is dark, succulent and distinctly sweet with a subtle flavour. Hebridean sheep are natural browsers and they prefer land that contains a diversity of plants which in turn adds to the meat’s distinctive flavour. Hebridean’s are also slow to mature. This allows the flavour of the meat to develop further and our Hoggets are slowly grown for over a year. Healthier – lean meat that’s lower in cholesterol and higher in omega fatty acids Hebridean sheep have relatively slender bones and a low level of fat. This results in a high proportion of lean meat in our box. A Rare Breed Survival Trust report showed that Hebridean sheep carcasses have a healthier type of fat with lower levels of free cholesterol combined with elevated levels of healthy polyunsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 DHA fatty acids How our sheep are fed affects the taste and fat content of our meat. Our sheep graze on natural pastures year round, through woodland in the summer and on our herbal ley in the winter. All in all, if you haven’t tried our Hogget you need to experience the difference compared with commercially produced lamb. If you have tried it, you’ll want to try it again!